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Data has been drawn from a national indicator or dataset and is an approximation of the UN SDG Indicator. We intend to continue to report using this dataset.

The Australian Government partners with states and territories in shared policy areas, including housing, homelessness, disability services, concessions and children’s welfare. Civil society organisations and the private sector also deliver residential and community services to those in need.  Australian governments also partner with civil society organisations to support vulnerable individuals and families experiencing financial crisis, helping them to improve their financial capability, resilience and lifetime wellbeing. Over 400 service providers are funded to provide vulnerable individuals with emergency relief, food relief, financial counselling, financial literacy education, and assistance with budgeting or access to microfinance products as an alternative to high-risk, high-interest products such as payday loans. Detailed demographic data on education, health and social protection in the Australian context can be accessed on data.gov.au.