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While this is not a quantitative indicator, the responsible agency has identified the relevant policy/legislation appropriate for the Australian context.

International Health Regulations (IHR) capacity and health emergency preparedness

Australia is committed to global health security and views the full implementation of the International Health Regulations (IHR) as vital in ensuring capacity to respond quickly and effectively to emerging public health threats, including infectious disease outbreaks and chemical/radiation emergencies. Australia has been IHR‑compliant since 2012 and has a well‑developed health security system.

Australia undertook a Joint External Evaluation (JEE) of IHR implementation throughout 2017. Australia’s JEE Mission Report is available on the World Health Organization’s website.

Australia used the 66 recommendations from the JEE to develop a National Action Plan for Health Security 2019-2023 (NAPHS), with the aim of further strengthening our health security capacity.